Careers Information for Students

Below we are sharing with you access to the student resource centre for information on careers and guidance. Information is also readily available on curriculum options and careers websites. 

Click here to see a programme of planned CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) termly activities.

Year 8 - Guided Choices

Year 8 is a really important moment in your school life – the first time you will have the opportunity to make decisions about the pathways you will follow for the rest of your educational lives.

When you are choosing your options, take a moment to consider the following:

-Which are the subjects and activities that you enjoy most?
-Which subjects are you good at?
-Do you have a career in mind?

Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience Week is a great opportunity for you to practice employment skills you will need in your future working lives and to investigate careers you might be interested in. You will participate in real work activities and keep a log of the tasks you do and the skills you use.


Mock Interviews

During Year 10 you have the opportunity to sharpen your employability skills at a Mock Interview event. You will be tasked with selecting and applying for a virtual job of your choice, creating a CV and taking part in a formal interview with a local industry professional. Following the interview you will receive verbal and written feedback from the employer.

Teatime Networking

Teatime Networking Sessions are held for students in Year 9-13 and involve employers and professionals from different industries offering advice on how to break into their industry of work. Past themes include engineering, creative industries, science and construction.

This year our teatime networking has taken place virtually as Insight Talks across Gordano, Backwell and Chew Valley. We have had some wonderful guest speakers across industries such as law, media, and marketing. These talks have been recorded and are available for you to watch by following the links below:

Branding and Marketing

EY Apprenticeships

Broadcast Journalism –

Law Careers Insight Talk

Primary Teaching – Primary Teaching Insight Talk

Medicine (presentation, no video): – Medicine Powerpoint

Careers Convention

Our annual Careers Convention is a great place for you to find out about future options and career paths that are available to you. With representation from local colleges and universities, apprenticeship providers, the public sector and local businesses there is something for everyone.


Unifrog is an online careers tool that helps you:

– Research careers
– Identify courses and apprenticeships
– Build a portfolio of career related activities
– Build a portfolio of competencies
– Make refined applications to universities and apprenticeships

All students in Gordano School have an account, which you can access using your school e-mail at

Please direct queries to