Careers Information for Students

Chew Valley School is working towards providing students with outstanding careers education, advice and guidance and therefore will meet the statutory expectations regarding CEIAG set out in the Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of academic 2020.

Below we are sharing with you access to the student resource centre for information on careers and guidance. Information is also readily available on curriculum options and careers websites. 

We encourage all students to get involved in a range of activities outside of the curriculum to have experience to put on CVs and applications but also to help them decide what area they might like to work in.

Click the button below to see a programme of planned CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) activities by year group and term,  linked to Gatsby Benchmarks.

Year 9 Options

The choices you make will set you on the path leading to your future career, so it is important that they are the right ones for YOU. Your teachers will be available to help you: listen to them and your parents and then make your decision on the basis of this advice, what you are good at and what you enjoy studying.

What to consider when choosing:
-Do choose subjects YOU want to do. You are the person who has to do the work.
-Do choose subjects that you are good at.
-Do talk to your tutor, your teachers and your parents and get their advice. They want to help you.]

-Don’t simply choose what your friend has chosen. There is no guarantee you will be in the same class.
-Don’t choose a subject because you like the teacher. They might not teach you next year.
-Don’t choose something new just for a change. Find out about it first.
-Don’t choose before reading everything in this booklet and listening to advice.

Work Experience

Work Experience

Work experience is an important part of the curriculum and you will have opportunities in Key Stages 4 and 5 to extend your knowledge and understanding of the work place. 

Year 10 students undertake a one week work experience placement in June each year. This full week away from school in the world of work brings value insights into future career paths. Work experience is launched in early October so that you have sufficient time to plan successful and useful placements. 

The Aspire Programme Years 7-9

This is a new programme for Chew Valley School in 2019-20. Students are directly taught during 1 period per fortnight. The purpose of this curriculum is to provide opportunities to broaden your development.

Its intention is to bring together elements of the curriculum that develop the knowledge, skills and opportunities that you will need to develop in leadership, careers,business and enterprise, and study skills.

The Aspire curriculum supports you to become a confident, resilient, independent learner and develop your strength of character. It aims to prepare you for future success in education, employment or training.

Careers Lunches & Talks

Any student in school can attend our regular Careers lunches in the Sixth form, but generally Year 9 upwards find these of most use.

Annual Careers Fair

Our very popular Careers Fair, held in the autumn term, is open to all students and, with over 40 stall holders including a wide range of companies (both national and local), as well as Higher Education organisations, universities, apprenticeship providers and Chew Valley School Alumni and parents, shows you what kinds of possibilities there are out in the world.